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At present you are totally unable to plan for their fitment or their operational application – so do not worry about that either.The absolute failure of the European Commission to sort out this farce means that there is no real advice which I, or the Freight Transport Association, or the UK government, can give you. So, forget it until we can.’ Mr Turner said that the timetable for the introduction of the new unit was now in total disarray.

EU regulations presently demand the fitment Google Places Services of a digital tachograph to all new lorries sold after 5 August this year. But, for certain, the type approval process means that no units will be available on the market until the autumn of 2005! Under the circumstances my best advice to UK lorry operators is to plan for the continued operation of the old-style analogue tachographs until further notice and to leave FTA to pursue the fiasco of future digital tachograph application with the European Commission and the UK government.

Lorry operators’ best interests will be served by concentrating on managing problems which they actually can have some hope of dealing with rather than wasting time on matters like the digital tachograph where the current situation means that they are unable to take key decisions. So operators should rely on FTA to advise you of developments and future actions but, for the present, relax.Members of the West Midlands Freight Council of the Freight Transport Association have confirmed that they are unlikely to use the M6 Toll due to the prohibitive toll charges for HGVs.

 In addition lorry operators are concerned that the interface with the existing M6 and the M42, which was originally three lanes, is now reduced to two lanes creating new congestion pinch-points.The two lanes for M6 and M42 are now congested alongside the two lanes allocated to allow traffic to join M6 Toll, which are empty due to lack of take-up.