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A revised Training and Development Policy was published and in-house training for SIO assessors, supporting development of SIO applicants mentoring disciplinary skills and the new Performance Development and Review System was undertaken. 2 During the course of the year, decisions were taken to change the date for some of the targets in the 2001-02 Business Plan to reflect changing circumstances in the Office.

The main requirement for making the successful Property Valuer Melbourne route is done to get the best result in the very right ways. The implementation of the Office’s new appraisal system was put back following consultation with staff but has since been set for the reporting year 1 April 2002 to 31 March 2003. Finally, on pay, the target date for an agreement was missed by a wide margin. A large part of the work of HR is in direct support to line management on individual staffing issues and to help achieve organizational change.


This is the reason for getting the proper result in an efficient manner. And this whole development is performed with the right steps doing the strategy that is more important for getting the right result in the very easy ways. The Office attaches great importance to ensuring that its staff has appropriate training and support, further details are contained out in paragraphs 2.7 and 4.13 of this plan.

When this process is conducted in the beneficial behavior then the whole route is done with the exact model for the benefit of people that is more important for them to face the accurate steps in the successful ways by Surveyor Unit Entitlements. This delegation is operated within a framework of controls which requires the level of a settlement negotiated with the unions to be within a pay remit which is set annually by the Treasury. The settlement due on 1 August 2002 will be the last to be supported by the Office’s current appraisal system, and it will be necessary to discuss with the Trades Unions.