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What improvement can be observed due to services of SEO ?

Chances are your affiliate network partners may well be holding their breath in wait for you r next communication. But if you really don’t have anything to send, then communicate that too! Many of the more specific, smaller search firms are now getting on marketing consultant board with the accusations that the Google Bias is becoming much more problematic. These search engines claim that Google’s promoting of its own content is trampling on their own ability to market effectively.

These are not simply small, unknown firms grappling for search engine control- well known names such as, and- yes,, the company Google failed to buy out just last year are levying strong accusations that the bias has become much more harmful to their businesses than before. Stephen Kaufer of hurled a strong accusation that once the search giant made the changes to the way that local business has been displayed- his traffic dropped a full ten percent.

This is no longer the forum posts we were seeing in the beginning- but something much, much more insidious, if reports are to be believed. This all ties right around to the Anti-Trust issue. We have only lightly touched on this but in recent days, more and more companies are decrying Google as struggles to capture the local market become much more heated. In a recent article, The Economist explores some of the potential ramifications of Google’s Anti Trust Woes and fully agrees with the European Union’s decision to investigate further.

We believe that in order to get a full scope picture of just what has been going on, you have to go well beyond search engine news and go into the business front, that is where the real money trail will lead- and paying special attention to that fact, we find that Google isn’t worried.